“Partner Support Program”

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“Partner Support Program”

The “Partner Support Program”, developed by Volkswagen AG has fantastic support for all expatriates. Their emphasis is on the following topics: “working in Wolfsburg”, “what is the right way of applying for a job?” and “what are my chances of being involved in voluntary work?”. The thinking behind this is that many expatriates are accompanied by their families when they move to Wolfsburg. Whereas children are quick to make friends at school, partners are often lonely, bored or have language and communication problems.
The Welcome Center is an approachable and well-informed coordination centre partners can turn to. Qualified counsellors are there to answer questions about how to find a job, how to continue one’s education and how to participate in voluntary work.
The “Partner Support Program” is based on a two-level approach: before a secondment abroad the employee will be given an overview of the scope of the programme. After arrival in Wolfsburg the newcomers will be looked after individually by the local Welcome Center’s project managers.


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Partner Support Program (PSP)
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