Childcare and school enrolment

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Childcare and school enrolment

Childcare is an important topic in Wolfsburg. The numerous nurseries and crèches (so-called Kitas) vary in profile and concept. There are also several bilingual groups in various languages. Alongside the nurseries run by the city, church and private groups are available. These often operate very different care concepts and prices. The city website can lead you to the individual nurseries and crèches, and provide information about specific offers.

Emergency childcare
If you quickly and unexpectedly require care for your child, Wolfsburg can offer the Kaleo network, which will provide you with a qualified carer within an hour to look after your child in your own home. Emergency childcare is charged by the hour. Prices are listed on the website.

All children who are 6 years old by 30th June of that year are obliged to go to school and move from nursery to primary school. Registration normally occurs one year in advance. An enrolment examination is carried out to find out if your child is mentally and physically ready for school.

Tip: the enrolment process is very important in Germany. Schools hold small parties and the children are officially welcomed into the school. Church services are also common. Children often receive a ‘school package’ from their parents for their enrolment, which is filled with sweets, small gifts or fruit. Following the official enrolment, many parents put on a small party for relatives and friends, often inviting them for coffee and cake.


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Emergency childcare
The telephone line is available 24 h:
(+49)5361/282333 (German)