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Anyone that moves to Wolfsburg will find more than just an attractive working environment and family-friendly conditions – above all, they can enjoy a good quality of life. You will be amazed at the great outdoors here right on your doorstep. In Wolfsburg, natural open spaces create the ideal conditions for leisure, relaxation and sport. It is the perfect place to catch your breath, with the city’s green lung consisting of parks, forests and stunning natural landscapes. The numerous green spaces are complemented by the many areas of water. Untouched nature frames the entire city and even extends right into the centre. Why not visit one of the city’s six nature protection areas, such as Drömling or Ilkerbruch?

You might have spotted people carrying water canisters along Braunschweiger Straße, near Rabenberg. They are collecting fresh water from the drinking water spring, which is monitored by the city’s Health Office. Still not enough water for you? Then you should visit the Wasserlehrpfad [water learning trail] in the city forest, close to Hasselbach and Rabenberg. The trail passes by pumps, springs, ponds and wells, and is easily accessible even for small children in pushchairs. Look out for the dragonfly symbol that points the way. Another recommendation for families is the mini zoo near the hospital.

Nature protection is taken very seriously in Wolfsburg. Barbecues are banned in public places, for example – except in marked barbecue areas. Dogs must be kept on leads at certain times of year. Even at other times, it is a good idea to keep dogs on leads while in the forest, to make sure that they are not attacked by other animals or shot by hunters. In addition, certain areas are out of bounds during breeding times, in order to protect both people and animals. Rubbish must not be thrown on the ground, but taken home and disposed of correctly. Feeding ducks and pigeons is banned everywhere around the lakes and in the city centre. Loud noise should be avoided outdoors (especially during nesting times), as it has an impact on the animals’ natural behaviour.

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Environment and nature protection

Tiergehege Wolfsburg (mini zoo):
Sachsenring 54
38440 Wolfsburg
Tel: +49 5361 / 36570

NEST NaturErkundungsStation (nature discovery centre):
Im Holze 40
38444 Wolfsburg
Tel: +49 5361 / 8488 06

BUND Wolfsburg:
Lönsstraße 5a
38440 Wolfsburg
Tel: +49 5361 / 23529

NABU – Wolfsburg local group:

NaturFreunde Deutschlands Ortsgruppe Wolfsburg e.V.
In den Allerwiesen 5
38446 Wolfsburg
Tel: +49 5361 / 63395
Fax: +49 5361 / 651271