Adult education

© WMG Wolfsburg, Photo:  Sebastian Dorbrietz

Adult education

Adult education is an important topic in Wolfsburg and there is a range of providers.The most significant public agency is the ‘Volkshochschule’ (adult education centre) which offers courses in IT, languages, sport and many more.

At the Volkshochschule (VHS) Wolfsburg, a broad base of educational offers is of primary importance. This non-profit educational institution provides a widely diversified, as well as a customer and market oriented offer in a friendly atmosphere not only conducive to learning but also tailored to individual requirements.

For you the VHS has many offers which will help you find your way in a new country and make you feel at home!

German as foreign language
The open offer “German as foreign language” at the Wolfsburg Volkshochschule includes crash courses in the mornings as well as evening classes. All courses are in line with the European Framework of Reference of Languages (GER). Courses are offered at all levels from A1 to C2. Classification for individual grades is done individually and depends on your prior knowledge of German.


Information and consultation:
Volkshochschule Wolfsburg (Adult education centre)
Wiebke Schwendrowski
Telephone: +49 5361 8913022