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Photo: © VfL Wolfsburg-Fußball GmbH
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If you are an enthusiastic soccer player, ambitious swimmer or highly trained tennis player you will be able to pursue your sporting activities to your heart’s content in Wolfsburg.

Bundesliga Sports

The regular top-class sports events at the Allerpark are extraordinary live experiences in Wolfsburg. The first football team of the VfL Wolfsburg is playing in the “Königsklasse” (King’s class), the first national league, since 1997. In 2009 they were the German champions and in 2015 they won the DFB Cup and the DFL-Super Cup. The home matches of the male team are held in the ‘Volkswagen Arena’, a modern stadium with a capacity of 30.000.

Another football team that plays in the highest league is the female team of the VFL Wolfsburg. For many years now, they are one of the most successful teams nationally and internationally and they won multiple cups in a row, had two Champions-League victories and won the Triple once. Their venue is the AOK Stadium which opened in 2005 and has a capacity of 5.200.

Also playing in the premier league and three times runner-up to the German championship title is the ice hockey team ‘Grizzlys Wolfsburg’. They are playing in the ‘EisArena’ which was finished in 2006 and has space for 4.500 people.

Club Sports and Pools

In Germany many sports offers are organized by “Vereine” (clubs). In Wolfsburg, you will find 112 of them with over 42.000 active members. If you think you might like to join one of these just pop in for a test training session. If you like what you see you can join the club and this in turn will entitle you to use their facilities and gear. In Wolfsburg there is a huge variety of amateur and professional sports. These incluce ice hockey,  combat sport, fencing, speedminton and, of course, football.  But there are also other areas in which the young talents already suceeded greatly, for example athletics, Judo or canoeing. A special kind of sport is done by the ‚Wolfsburg Blue Wings‘: American Football.

In addition to the astonishing number of clubs or “Vereine”, there are attractive modern sports facilities and a large number of private providers in Wolfsburg. These ensure that you have a broad spectrum of sport, wellness and recreational offers from which to choose. The interests of the “Sportvereine” are represented by the Stadtsportbund (city’s sports association).

Over the whole year Wolfsburg offers a variety of swimming possibilites for everyone. Three open-air pools, one water park, the Allersee, three indoor pools and the biggest adventure pool in northern Germany are part of the manifold bathing offers.


There are around 130 public playgrounds in Wolfsburg. These give children between the ages of six and fourteen a place to play, be active and communicate.

Areas intended for young people should meet the specific needs of older children and young adults, and are equipped accordingly.

You will find a list of the playgrounds in the sitebar.


Sometimes it’s good to escape day-to-day life and dive into the magical world of books. That’s very easy in Wolfsburg because there is a large modern city library in the Alvar Aalto Kulturhaus, right next to the city hall.

Whether young or old, the city library is brimful of interesting books and all kinds of media. Those looking something challenging and specific should have a look in the section dedicated to technical and specialist literature. And if you’re not quite sure what you are looking for why not meander from shelf to shelf and see what takes your fancy. Take care, time flies in this magical place of letters and words…


Stadtsportbund Wolfsburg e.V.
Dieselstraße 18
38446 Wolfsburg
Telephone: +49 53 61 / 29 37 63 (German)

Overview of the clubs in Wolfsburg

TV Jahn Wolfsburg e.V.
Klieverhagen 26a
38440 Wolfsburg
Telephone: +49 53 61 / 1 26 56 (German)

VfL Wolfsburg e.V.
Elsterweg 5
38446 Wolfsburg
Telephone: +49 53 61 / 8 51 70 (German)

MTV 1862 e.V. Vorsfelde
Carl-Grete-Straße 41
38448 Wolfsburg
Telefon: +49 53 63 / 7 13 46 (MTV Center)
+49 53 61 / 7 13 47 (Geschäftsstelle) (German)

VfB Fallersleben e.V.
Hoffmannstraße 7
38442 Wolfsburg
Telephone: +49 53 62 /6 44 11 (German)


BadeLand Wolfsburg
Allerpark 4
38448 Wolfsburg
Telephone: +49 53 61 / 8 90 0 (German)

Hallenbad Sandkamp
Stellfelder Straße 33
38442 Wolfsburg
Telephone: +49 53 61 / 3 16 38

Lehrschwimmbecken Heiligendorf
Neue Straße 52
38444 Wolfsburg
Telephone: +49 53 65/ 13 83

Schwefelbad Fallersleben
Am Schwefelbad 12
38442 Wolfsburg
Telephone: +49 53 62 / 39 11 (German)

VW-Bad (open air pool)
Berliner Ring 41
38446 Wolfsburg
Telephone: +49 53 61 / 2 40 04

Freibad Fallersleben (open air pool)
Schützenweg 12
38442 Wolfsburg
Telephone: +49 53 62 / 45 29

Freibad Almke (open air pool)
Volkmarsdorfer Straße 100
38446 Wolfsburg
Telephone: +49 53 65 / 94 15 20 (German)


Stadt Wolfsburg/Geschäftsbereich Jugend/Kinder- und Jugendbüro
Rathaus D, Zimmer D 406
Pestalozziallee 1 a
38440 Wolfsburg
Telephone: (+49) 53 61 / 28 19 90 (German)