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Internationaler Freundeskreis Wolfsburg e.V.

The Wolfsburg International Friends Association e.V. (IFK) provides a panel for intercultural exchange and interaction in Wolfsburg. With our comprehensive and varied  program we create a welcoming environment and promote the dialogue between the 151 nations represented in our international city. Our approach reflects the increasing globalization in Wolfsburg and our role in a divers community.

Our events are a venue for people from different national, cultural and religious backgrounds with an intrinsic commitment to integration, equal rights and intercultural exchange. Our combined effort is aligned to nourish mutual understanding and tolerance.

The International Circle of Friends Wolfsburg was founded in 2006 by international minded citizens and the City of Wolfsburg. Their goal was to reinforce Wolfsburg’s image and reputation as an open-minded, tolerant and progressive city.

The Association supports the City of Wolfsburg in its efforts to maintain and expand the relation with our twinning cities along with other current and future international initiatives. The advancement of activities in the areas of youth work, education and sport is of particular importance.

In addition, the International Circle of Friends Wolfsburg organizes lectures and discussion evenings on current international topics, as well as musical and social events. As a modern and future-oriented association we are proud of our young and active members organized in the IFK “Young Friends” group. With their program tailored to attract younger people they play an important role within the larger community.
Being a highly recognized stakeholder in Wolfsburg we work closely with key individuals and global-minded institutions within our community. Their support ensures our ability to offer high-quality events.



Upcoming events

All important dates of upcomming meetings and events can be found in our event calendar

Internationaler Freundeskreis Wolfsburg e.V.
Christin Schnaithmann

Porschestraße 49
38440 Wolfsburg

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