Public Transport

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Public Transport

In Germany, public transport constitutes an important part of the infrastructure. This includes buses, trams, underground railways and train services.
A ticket is required for using public transport. Tickets for the bus and tram must be validated before or when you get on to the respective transport. Train tickets are checked and validated by conductors. If you do not have a ticket before getting on, you can normally buy one from either the bus driver, the machine on the tram or the train conductor. Bus tickets for Wolfsburg are also available at WVG information points, tourist information and various other sales points. Anyone using the bus or tram without a ticket will have to pay a fine of € 60. This sum is considerably higher for trains.

Public transport in Wolfsburg – Bus
The WVG is responsible for local public transport in Wolfsburg. Bus stops are indicated with an H and provide the schedules of the buses that stop there. The bus schedule includes the bus routes, direction and departure time. Regular travellers have the option to purchase weekly or monthly tickets, which can be purchased once or on a subscription basis.

Public transport in the region
Wolfsburg is connected to the surrounding towns by different modes of transport. Buses and trains travel to Braunschweig. An overview of prices and schedules can be found at the website of the WVG Wolfsburger Verkehrsbetriebe (see link in the sidebar).

Long distance travel
The German rail network is very extensive. The main operator is ‘Deutsche Bahn’, but there are also other service providers on a regional level. Train tickets can be purchased at the counter in the main station (allow for waiting time!), at machines or on the Internet.
Further information for the whole of Germany at the Deutsche Bahn website (see link in the sidebar).