Music schools

Music schools

Music is a language spoken all over the world. And if you are far from your birthplace it helps to make you feel at home wherever you are.

The Wolfsburg Musikschule (music school) knows about this phenomenon and has been committed and engaged for the last 40 years. It is therefore well established in Wolfsburg’s cultural life. The music school provides a framework within which musical abilities are discovered, developed and nurtured. Its educational excellence rests on the well qualified, sympathetic and competent staff. The music school is responsible for musical, cultural and social competence ensuring a fulfilled life in a very liveable city. Music equals quality of life – come and join us!


Musikschule der Stadt Wolfsburg
Goethestraße 10a
38440 Wolfsburg
Tel. +49 (0)53 61 / 29 72 0 (German)

Musicus Musikschule Wolfsburg
Köhlerbergstraße 17
38440 Wolfsburg
Tel. +49 (0)53 61 / 22 79 8 (German)

Musikschule «Neue Melodie»
Gifhornerstr. 3
38442 Wolfsburg
Tel. +49 (0)53 62 / 6 38 46 (German)

Photo: © Pixabay