Acknowledgement of foreign degrees

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Acknowledgement of foreign degrees

If you wish to study or work in Germany, you are required to have an acknowledgement of your grades or profession.
The acknowledgement of your profession must be conducted for regulated professions in particular (e.g. doctor/teacher). However, it is sometimes easier when looking for a job to provide the potential employer with an official document, which proves the comparability of your education.

To get an initial overview of the acknowledgement of foreign degrees in Germany, it is recommendable to use the ‘acknowledgement finder’.

You can also seek assistance from the acknowledgement advice office in Wolfsburg. (please always make an appointment):

Info: If you wish to work in Germany as the partner of an expatriate, you should look into the possibilities in advance. It is sometimes not possible in Germany to pursue a job, which requires social security. This is very dependent on your country of origin. The acknowledgement advice office can provide information about this point.


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