Arts and Culture

Photo: © WMG Wolfsburg, Janina Snatzke

Arts and Culture

If, upon hearing the word ‘museum’, your mind conjures up images of dimly lit and stuffy rooms with row upon row of glass cabinets, let Wolfsburg change your mind. The museums here are numerous and promise a high level of entertainment. Whether you are car crazy or hungry for history, here you will find something you can get your teeth into.

Wolfsburg may be a young and dynamic city, but there are still many places with a long and interesting history that goes back hundreds of years. Immerse yourself in a fascinating mix of old and new…

Kunstmuseum and other Museums

The Kunstmuseum Wolfsburg, one of the cultural highlights in Lower Saxony, offers a fascinating space for experiences. In the spectacular exhibition hall art of the past, present and future can be presented in a unique way. Together with family and friends, you can discover a very special museum world: From the architecture to the Japanese garden and up to the museum shop and the renowned restaurant. The Kunstmuseum was opened in 1994 and since then over 140 exhibitions of modern and contemporary art were presented.

The Städtische Galerie Wolfsburg is an art gallery which is based in the Schloss Wolfsburg since 1974. It shows contemporary art and its main goal is the preservation and extension of the collection, next to an educational mission. The collection, which is presented in alternating selections and based on diverse questions, forms the context for the special exhibitions. It inevitably places the young positions in the programme within an art-historical context, while the works in the collection are simultaneously actively embedded in the flow of contemporary currents in art. The Städtische Galerie Wolfsburg traditionally has the responsibility of awarding the Art Prize of the City of Wolfsburg “Young City Sees Young Art” every three years.

The Hoffmann-von-Fallersleben museum centres on the life of the famous poet, the author of many children’s songs and the German national anthem. The museum takes you on a journey through his life and provides an insight into 19th century Germany.

The Stiftung AutoMuseum Volkswagen tells the car manufacturer’s success story, from the very first Volkswagen Beetle right through to the prototypes.



The Schloss Wolfsburg was first mentioned in 1302 and is a medieval lowland and water castle, which was later turned to a Renaissance palace. It is owned by the city of Wolfsburg. It was built by the noble family of ‘von Bartensleben’. In 1742 the Lords of ‘von der Schulenburg’ inherited the Wolfsburg. The varied and massive building consists of four wings and one inner courtyard. The Schloss Wolfsburg now houses the Stadtmuseum (city museum), the Städtische Galerie (city gallery), the Kunstverein Wolfsburg (art association), the institute of photography Heidersberger and a restaurant area.

The Schloss Fallersleben, located in the heart of the district of Fallersleben, originates in the 16th century. It was built by the Duke Franz von Braunschweig and Lüneburg. Until 1760 it was surrounded by a moat, so that it was only possible to enter it by bridges. Parts of the structure could be reconstructed later. Of the former castle structure, today only the west wing is still maintained. Here you can find the Hoffmann-von-Fallersleben Museum.

The Burg Neuhaus is a medieval water castle in immediate proximity to the city of Wolfsburg and is surrounded by lots of nature. It was built in the 14th century by the Duke Magnus the Younger from the House of Welves and the city of Braunschweig and is located on a massif at the Hehlinger Bach. Since 1981, it is owned by the city of Wolfsburg. Now it is the place of a museum that displays documents and records from the lives of the people who lived in the years up to 1800.


Theatre and Event Centers

The Scharoun-Theater Wolfsburg is a theater building that was opened in 1973. Built after the plans of the architect Hans Scharoun, the theater – apart from a few own productions – mostly hosts touring theaters and other guest performances. It mostly offers dramas, musicals, youth theater but also ballet performances.

The Hallenbad – Kultur am Schachtweg is a culture centre, which was first opened as an actual indoor swimming pool in 1963 and closed in 2002. On April 20th 2007 the experiment to reopen the Hallenbad as a culture centre was started. Today, it is an indispensable cornerstone of the cultural scene of Wolfsburg. Concerts, comedy, movie screenings, lectures and workshops all now take place there.

The CongressPark Wolfsburg, located in nature near the city centre, offers spaces and the newest technology for events of every kind. Three multifunctional halls, nine conference rooms, a two-story foyer and a spacious outside area allow concerts, congresses and musicals of large scale. The former city hall was designed by the architect Peter Koller and opened in 1958. To meet growing requirements, in the early 60s and in the middle of the 80s, it underwent massive extension and upgrading works. In 1986 the ‘Stadthalle’ was renamed to CongressPark Wolfsburg GmbH.


The Kunstmuseum Wolfsburg
Kunstmuseum Wolfsburg
Hollerplatz 1
38440 Wolfsburg
Telefon: (+49)5361/26690

Städtische Galerie
Schlossstraße 8
38448 Wolfsburg
Tel: +49 5361 / 2810 12
Fax: +49 5361 / 2810 25

The Hoffmann-von-Fallersleben Museum
38442 Wolfsburg
Telefon: (+49)5362-52623

The Stiftung AutoMuseum Volkswagen
Dieselstraße 35
38446 Wolfsburg
Telefon: (+49)5361/52071

The history of the castle
Schloßstraße 8
38448 Wolfsburg
Telefon: (+49)5361/281040

Burg Neuhaus
Burgallee 2
38446 Wolfsburg
Telefon: (+49)5363/40017

Scharoun-Theater Wolfsburg
Klieverhagen 50
38440 Wolfsburg
Telefon: 05361 267310

Hallenbad – Kultur am Schachtweg
Schachtweg 31
38440 Wolfsburg
Telefon: 05361 2728100

CongressPark Wolfsburg
Klieverhagen 46
38440 Wolfsburg
Telefon: 05361 2600